Did you know that 75% of the 60-70 million garment and textile workers around the world are women?

When we talk about the abuse of workers’ rights, modern slavery and poor wages within the sector we are talking about the exploitation of women. Textile and fashion machinists have the highest fatality rate of any female occupation. It’s an uncomfortable truth for many of us, especially when we have to consider how close to home the problems are.

According to the ONS, during the pandemic, women working in Britain’s garment factories were four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than the average female worker. When you consider this alongside the cost of living crisis the prognosis for female machinists in the UK textile industry is profoundly poor.

To change the perception of the textile industry, we need to invest in the women within it, supporting them to take charge and lead change for the sector - Kalopsia Collective is striving to do just that.

Kalopsia Collective is a rapidly growing textile manufacturer in Dunfermline, Fife. Our team of technicians is at present entirely female, and we are proud to continue to showcase their high level of knowledge and expertise. Founded and run by a predominantly female team of textile professionals for the last 10 years, Kalopsia is putting control of the supply chain back into the hands of makers and the enterprise they support.

You can be part of that change by investing in Kalopsia’s continued growth via our Community Bond investment opportunity. If you haven’t come across a Community Bond before, it’s similar to those used by companies like Brewdog and Hotel Chocolat.

Our bond is offered in partnership with Scottish Communities Finance Ltd, registered by the FCA(7649). Kalopsia’s bond is a fixed-term 6-year bond offering interest back on your investment, in addition to those all-important social impacts like keeping manufacturing local, saving textiles from landfills and paying staff the fair living wage they deserve.

Kalopsia is seeking to raise £100,000 to expand our operations, increase our team and improve our offering of sustainable product services. More details on the bond offer are available at

Show your support for the talented women in the UK textile industry and this fantastic growing business by investing today. Bonds start at £50 and there is no upper investment limit.

/ The Kalopsia Team

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