It's International Women's Day 2023.

This year we wanted to talk about "perception". 
Others’ perception is their  "reality" and this is why perceptions matter when we are celebrating the achievements of women and tackling the challenges we face. 

When it comes to high achieving women, female enterprisers and business leader there are still a lot of perceptions and ideas that hangs over everything we do. Excuses, reasons and justification for our behaviours and reasons to downplay or ignore our contribution. It is as important to challenge this as it is to celebrate what we do! 

If we change our perception of things: the world, ourselves, life, people, reality... then we will inevitably change the nature of what we are perceiving and consequently change our experience.

By being more mindful and analytical, dismantling the concepts we have created in our heads and the ones we have created for us, we can transform our perception and belief systems and we can begin to see things as they more truly are and take control of our reality.

This is extremely empowering and "perception" is something we are always coming back to at Kalopsia. 

The perception of a factory, the perception of a machinist, the perception of women leading the way and taking ownership and being in power and empowering others. These is just a few things things and there are a million other perceptions and challenges that we need to challenge all the time, not just today.

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