What can you do with your surplus fabric after an order has been completed?

Sometimes you end up with extra fabric after your order has been completed - this can be due to so many different factors but its always good to remember that the Textile “waste” is only “waste” for its original purpose. When the material is wasted so are the resources, both natural and labour, which were invested and embedded into the fabric.

We always want to find ways to “re-purpose” the fabrics for our clients after an order has been completed by offering ways to cut new products and find new possibilities from the fabrics. In addition, by up-cycling unused and redundant textile surplus materials, you can give these materials additional value which prevents it from being down-cycled or discarded.

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Photo: Assemble bag in fabric from Halley Stevensons and jacket fabric from Scottish Linen shot in front of the mural ‘Into The Future With A Strong Community’ from 1986 in Kalopsia's old "home place" - Leith

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