Vadstena - Folded Face Masks


Pleated Face masks - IN YOUR FABRIC

Please note - Our fabric face masks are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. The World Health Organisation recommends the use of fabric masks by the general public in areas with high infection rates and when physical distancing of more than one metre is not possible.

Choose between a 2-folded (size S-M) or a 3-foldes (size M-L) face mask with in your fabric.

These masks can also be manufactured with additional nose bridge.

As standard masks will be lined in a lighter black or navy/purple fabric unless another fabric for the lining will provided by the the client. All prices includes attachment of your own label if required, black elastic ties and lining layers. Material for lining material: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton

Fabric Requirements 

2  fold - 24cm (w) by 21cm (h)
3 fold - 25cm (w) by 24cm (h)

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Label placements

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