Örebro - Backpack


Please note - Orebro Backpack is currently only available with black and gold finishing 

 This backpack is the perfect everyday bag. Great for walking or your commute to work, with zipped outer pocket compartment for easy access while on the go. Fully lined with internal hidden key ring as well as adjustable straps.

Fabric Requirements 

Top front - 30cm (w) by 13.5cm (h) 
Base front - 30cm (w) by 34cm (h) 
Back -  30cm (w) by 44cm (h)
Side top - 43cm (w) by 8cm (h) x2
Side base  - 86cm (w) by 13cm (h) 
Strap cover - 17cm (w) by 9cm (h) x2

Finished measurements (Approx)

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Label placements







Total material needed: 0.00 M

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