BÅLSTA - Retro Clutch Bag


A clutch bag with a retro feel, that will hold all your items for that dinner, wedding, party or event. Rounded corners and clean lines. It works in a range of different fabrics. From heavy tweeds to finer silk blends.


All prices includes zip, lining, interfacing for structure and the attachment of your own label if required.

Material needed per item (for standard repeat patterns without orientation)

Outer - 38cm (w) by 29cm (h) x2 

Lining - 38cm (w) by 29cm (h) x2 

Finished measurements (Approx)

33cm (w)  by 25cm (h) 

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Label placements







Total material needed: 0.00 M



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