Kalopsia’s Assemble manufacturing service helps our clients improve their material efficiency as well as create sustainable products by default.

Kalopsia strives to minimise the environmental impact of our business and manufacturing operations and is very aware of the social impacts of design and production. We carefully consider everything and everyone who is affected by our manufacturing. Our products are developed with waste usage in mind and have designed products to use up scrap fabric. The Assemble apparel and accessories are designed for durability and longevity to ensure each product has the longest life possible. We also design our products with practicality and comfort in mind so that consumers will love and use them for longer.

We are currently innovating methods of apparel manufacture that dramatically reduce the consumption of patterning materials and fabrics through technological advancement. Furthermore, by having pre-prepared products available for our clients to choose from, we remove the need for individual businesses to produce their own samples, further reducing the resources consumed.

Kalopsia proactively involves manufacturing at the genesis point of the production chain to plan ahead for waste reduction throughout manufacturing.


Kalopsia is dedicated to producing ethical and sustainable products. Every decision we take has this in mind, and we are constantly trialling new ideas and practices. No business is perfect, and some challenges remain, but at Kalopsia we push ourselves to continually do better and build on our existing good practices.


If you ever want to know why we took a certain decision, or how an idea will work in practice, get in touch with our team on social media or via email. We’re more than happy to open ourselves up to transparent discussion.