Dunfermline Bag


This classic shaped medium sized Dunfermline bag is perfect for everyday use. The box-bottomed is self-standing and chunkier in feel, making it perfect for heavier materials like wool, linen, cotton and velvet.

This bag has two wider hold-on handles which can be made in either our standard 39mm black strapping or with the same fabric as the outer.  

Kalopsia provide poly-cotton linings in a selection of colours. Your own lining can be used if preferred.

All prices includes zip, lining, handles, interfacing for structure and the attachment of your own label if required.


Material needed per item (for standard repeat patterns without orientation)
Outer - 50cm (h) by 38cm (w) x 2
Lining - 47cm (h) by 45.5cm (w) x 2
Straps - 40cm x 17cm X2

Finished measurements (Approx)
44cm by 33cm by 10cm
Optional pocket - 15cm by 20.5cm

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Label placements

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