The MALMÖ accessory bag is one of Kalopsia's most popular products. This box bottomed bag comes in 4 sizes - small, medium, large and weekend bag size (see measurements below).

Kalopsia provides poly-cotton linings in a selection of colours or your own lining can be used, if preferred.

All prices include zip, lining, interfacing for structure and the attachment of your own label if required.

**For a design with straps, please see MALMÖ accessory bag with straps.

Material needed per item (for standard repeat patterns without orientation)
Outer - 22cm (w) by 22cm (h)x 2
Lining - 22cm (w) by 22cm (h)x 2

Outer - 25cm (w) by 26cm (h)x 2
Lining - 25cm (w) by 26cm (h)x 2

Outer - 28cm (w) by 29cm (h)x 2
Lining - 28cm (w) by 29cm (h)x 2


Outer - 38cm (w) by 34cm (h) x 2 
Lining - 38cm (w) by 34cm (h) x 2

- Please include 10% additional fabric for the stated requirements to allow for variation in materials.  

Finished measurements (Approx)

Small - 16cm by 18.5cm by 7cm
Medium - 20.5cm by 20.5cm by 8cm
Large- 22cm by 20.5cm by 10cm
Weekend - 30cm by 28cm by 10cm

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Label placements

*Estimates are created assuming a uniform repeat without an orientation - please ask a member of the team for more information.

Fabric Requirements


Total material needed: 0.00 M

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