In the world of fashion and advertising, the pursuit of beauty has evolved over the years. While there has been progress in representing diversity in various industries, the search for genuinely diverse models still remains a challenge. At Kalopsia, we believe that being a diverse model should be about representing how the majority of people look, not an unrealistic standard of beauty. It's time to redefine what it means to be a 'diverse' model in today's world, where authenticity and inclusivity should be at the forefront.

Traditionally, the modelling industry has held a narrow perspective on beauty. Super tall, skinny, with perfect hair, skin, and features were considered the gold standard. These unattainable ideals have perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards for decades, alienating many who don't fit this mould. Today, it's imperative to recognise that diversity encompasses a much broader spectrum of appearances and identities.

Being a diverse model means embracing real beauty. It's about showcasing the natural and authentic characteristics that make each person unique. Real beauty transcends age, size, skin colour, and physical features. It's about being yourself and celebrating what makes you stand out, rather than conforming to an industry-defined norm.

One critical aspect of diversity is size inclusivity. Models should not be limited to a single body type. Every body is beautiful, and the modelling industry should reflect that. In a world where body positivity is gaining momentum, it's essential to celebrate all body shapes and sizes. Real people have curves, scars, and imperfections, and these should be embraced, not airbrushed away.

Another vital component of diversity in modelling is ethnic representation. For far too long, the industry has primarily featured models who meet a narrow set of beauty standards rooted in Eurocentric ideals. It's high time we recognise and appreciate the beauty of different ethnicities and cultures. Diverse models should represent the mosaic of humanity, not just a limited portion of it.

It's not enough to have models from ethnic minorities; it's equally crucial to avoid perpetuating stereotypes. The fashion and advertising industries have a history of exploiting cultural elements for trends, often perpetuating harmful clichés. Being a diverse model means representing your culture authentically, without reducing it to a caricature or a fashion statement.

Inclusivity extends beyond physical appearances; it's also about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. The industry must be committed to creating environments that encourage diversity and protect against discrimination and exploitation. Diverse models should not only be seen but also heard, empowered to share their stories, and contribute to a more inclusive narrative.

However, it's crucial to recognise that using Kimono-style jackets, or any cultural elements for that matter, in our shoot should be done with utmost respect and cultural sensitivity. Fashion and advertising industries have, in the past, sometimes appropriated or exploited cultural elements, which can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and reduce diverse traditions to mere fashion statements.

For our shoot, it's essential that we celebrate diversity authentically and avoid reducing cultural elements to clichés or caricatures. Simply having models from ethnic minorities isn't enough; it's equally vital to portray their cultures accurately and respectfully

In conclusion, being a diverse model today is about breaking free from beauty myths and embracing authenticity. It's about challenging the conventional standards that have prevailed for far too long. Kalopsia believes that diverse models should be relatable and represent the rich tapestry of human beauty and experience. It's time for the industry to recognise that real is beautiful, and the diversity we seek is not just skin deep. It's a celebration of the vibrant and diverse world we live in, where beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, and backgrounds. The journey towards a truly inclusive modelling industry may be challenging, but it's a journey worth embarking on to redefine beauty for generations to come.

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